I was assigned an assignment to use music to tell a future story from my classmate (Instagram: @Jazsalyn), about a utopian world with the ideological struggle for being an African-American. My confidence was lacking to translate or present her feelings thoroughly, albeit I had read and watched the historic background of this community from different channels. 

Therefore, the way I used to express my respect is to stand on another perspective, to think about what confusion in the U.S. as a so-called POC, will have at this special moment. 
Sound as connection
Transmedia Design
Individual Project | 2020

When the virus was contextualized in political rhetoric, and the negative news about Chinese manufacturings appeared in different countries simultaneously. However, in this highly homogeneous globalization, who can guarantee that there is no any product made in China in their home?

So I collected a few pieces of furniture that were made in China in my apartment and transformed them into musical instruments to play a rough song for expressing my melancholy at this time. 

2.0 Version 

I extended this concept to the interactive format on the Internet. I drew a utopian architectural structure to represent my apartment in NYC and illustrated my Chinese-made furniture as the metaphor of my voice. 

It is necessary for me to share my voice for expressing my gratitude to the essential worker and everyone who stay at home at this time. 

At 7 pm in New York City, the musical fabric weaved by my furniture increase the overall volume of the daily applauding and yelling sound simultaneously, although these two sound was not perfectly echoing or resonating with each other. 
When the world is highly integrated with the tightly-related globalization, the invisible viruses have re-formed a physical and psychological boundary between us. I can’t help but wonder how might we use sound to break through this bubble for building a bridge to connect the communication gap in people’s hearts?