Can a vulnerable situation for women become an image that represents strength and power? The expression of a powerful woman in modern times is stereotyped as a strict, bossy workaholic. Women tend to be seen the most powerful when they are seen as independent and better than men. While efforts to bring equality to the sexes are vital, this image leaves a narrow description of femininity in the workplace. To contrast this sentiment, I created a design project focused on presenting vulnerability as a source of power. 

Specifically, painful periods. 
Bloody Heroine
Graphic Design
Individual Project | 2018
Through personal interviews with women, I designed a diagram to distinguish different types of dysmenorrhea, common cramps, which helps me quantify the theme from a collective perspective.

Each category is personified as a type of fighter. Styled after traditional Chinese warrior women.
Design Concept:
Mitigation products are the weapons for women to fight pain:

Painkiller – Sword
Hot Pack – Shield
Ginger Tea – Energy Tonic