No one knows what happened when the plane fell into the sky, only the black box recorded the truth. In this album, XZT is the plane that experienced all kinds of misery in 2020. The black box helped him record his internal struggle, perplexity, and growth in this dazed and bewildered collision with the real world. 

In the design concept extraction, I used a golden parcel with a black box to showcase the flamboyant and confident appearance and the dim emotional world of the music story. As a reflective mirror, this gold paper material also gave listeners a chance to reflect on their 2020 story before unpacking the album. By hiding a letter inside the box, I built a platform for fans to write their feedback and share them on social media, for constructing an XZT-centric black box database from multi-dimensions.

Black Box
Design Strategy/Album & Merch Design
Individual Project | 2020
Special Thanks: yb